Write for Us

Thanks for your interest in writing for Transpositions. This online journal exists to create conversations between Christian theology and the arts, interacting with relevant ideas, trends and scholarship for popular and academic audiences, and we invite guest contributions that further this goal.  Please follow these three steps to submit a piece for Transpositions:

1. Read Our Guidelines.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the sort of writing we want.  In addition to reading the below guidelines, you may also want to read posts already published on Transpositions.

  • Purpose: The purpose of articles is not just to inform, but also to invite conversation. It is important, therefore, that articles should not only present a position or pose a question but also invite conversation or feedback on stated positions or questions.
  • Topic: We are open to considering any topic dealing with the intersection between theology, imagination and the arts.
  • Language and Style: Since we desire to write to both a popular and academic audience, please avoid overly technical language and style. If using technical terminology is necessary, make sure this terminology is adequately explained. All submissions will be proofread and small editorial changes may be made.
  • Length: Articles may be no more than 2000 words, including citations; book reviews may be up to 1000 words. If articles exceed this word limit, they may be returned for rewriting, or we may exercise editorial discretion to make exceptions where it best serves the article and readers.
  • CitationsTranspositions follows the Chicago Manual of Style, and all citations should be in Notes and Bibliography format. Authors must provide all necessary citation information before articles can be considered. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure all citation information is accurate.
  • Author Bio: If this is your first time writing for Transpositions, please submit a short, 2-3 sentence bio with your review.

2. Read Our Terms and Conditions.

It is important that you are familiar with our terms and conditions because you will need to confirm that you have read them when you submit your writing.

  • Copyright and Permissions: Any article published on Transpositions is archived with the British Library, but copyright remains with the author.
  • Reprints: Reprints are permitted three months after initial publication here at Transpositions, and we ask that any reprints contain a line indicating the article was first published on Transpositions. We also reserve the right to rerun your article at a later date.
  • Originality:  We require all submissions to be original works that are not published elsewhere, and that are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Images: In the event that you would like to include an image authored by someone other than yourself, we ask that you either secure permission from the author to use the image, or justify the fair use of the image.The fair use of an image can be justified if the image is commented upon directly (such as a book cover or a movie poster) or if the image is under a Creative Commons License. If the image is merely illustrative for your post, this is not sufficient to justify ‘fair use’ of the image. It is your responsibility to accurately attribute copyrighted material to its author or source.
  • Privacy: The names and email addresses entered in this website will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of Transpositions and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.
  • Remuneration. At this point, we are unable to provide any remuneration for articles.  Your contribution, however, is highly valued and it serves to promote the ongoing conversation between Christian theology and the arts.
  • Responsibility: If your article is published, you will be expected to respond to any comments and facilitate the conversation in a timely fashion.

3. Submit Your Writing!

You are welcome to submit a proposal (50-100 words) or a full draft (800-1500) words.  As soon as you think your writing is ready for another pair of eyes, use the link below to submit. If it is accepted and a publication date established, we expect the edited and final version to be submitted to us no later than one week prior to the publication date.