Transpositions is a collaborative effort of postgraduate students associated with the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews.

The Team

Transpositions is managed and produced by a team of editors and regular contributors who are passionate about furthering dialogue about the relationship between Christianity and the arts. Although they hold this interest in common, they come from diverse locations and backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in the variety of topics, questions and issues explored on Transpositions. The Transpositions Team includes:

Karen McClain Kiefer (Editor)
Ewan Bowlby (Associate Editor)
James Smoker (Associate Editor)
Matthew Nelson (Associate Editor)
Karlee Lillywhite (Associate Editor)

Elizabeth Dunbar (Reviews Editor)
Dr Gavin Hopps (ITIA Director, ex officio Editor)

Regular Contributors
Kevin Antlitz

If you would like to learn more about us, please take a look at our bio page.

As is always the case, people move on to do other things. Transpositions would not be the online publication that it is today without the hard work of those who have gone before us.

Guest Contributors

The work of Transpositions is reliant upon submissions from thinkers, writers, scholars, practitioners, and leaders from all over the world. As interest in the relationship between Christianity and the arts continues to grow, Transpositions is privileged to be an online hub where this conversation can take place.

Transpositions has received submissions from many notable contemporary leaders, thinkers, writers and artists such as Jeremy Begbie, Sandra BowdenDavid BrownMakoto FujimuraTim Gorringe, Trevor A. Hart,  Bruce Herman, Barbara NicolosiJames RomainePhilip RykenW. David O. TaylorE. John Walford, and N. T. Wright. To see a full list of our guest contributors, please go here.

If you are interested in writing for Transpositions, please see our writing guidelines and get in contact with us.  We would be grateful if you would lend your voice to this conversation!