Guest Contributors

Transpositions would not work without a host of guest contributors who volunteer their time and expertise to our online publication.  Whether as a contributor to a symposium or to a single post, the team at Transpositions is grateful for the high quality of thought and writing that our guest writers submit.

Transpositions has received submissions from many notable contemporary leaders, thinkers, writers and artists such as Jeremy BegbieSandra BowdenDavid Brown, Makoto Fujimura, Tim Gorringe, Bruce Herman, James Romaine, Philip Ryken, W. David O. Taylor, E. John Walford, and N. T. Wright. Here is a partial list of our guest contributors:

If you are interested in writing for Transpositions, please see our writing guidelines and get in contact with us.  We would be grateful if you would lend your voice to this conversation!