Patience – Mariah Ziemer





Patience (shown)



Soft pastel on paper



Though simply rendered, tally marks have the unique ability to signify the passing of time. I thought about how they are often expressed as marks that count ‘up’ days of unrest or torment — like tallies on prison walls — instead of marks that count ‘down’ towards some celebratory event. There is a sense of desperation and longing in this space to break free from the current circumstance, yet hope may prevail in patience.  Click here to view Anticipation.




After completing her MLitt with ITIA in 2019, Mariah moved back to her hometown in Boise, Idaho to teach and continue her practice as a visual artist. She has since illustrated two children’s books with Hidden Shelf Publishing: Jiemba and Friends (2020, written by her dad) and The Loose Chronicles (coming 2021).