transpositionssquareIn addition to providing our readers with cutting edge, well researched and thought provoking articles on the relationship between Christian theology and the arts, Transpositions also aims to connect our readers to the ever widening circle of journals, blogs, websites, and organizations with interests that dovetail our own.

Therefore, we are compiling several growing lists of links.  They are growing list of links, so if you believe that something has been left out, please feel free to suggest an addition by emailing info [at]

Featured Artist Websites: This list includes all of the artists that Transpositions features.  The list of artists whose work touches on religious themes could be a very large one indeed, and this is by no means an attempt at such an exhaustive list.  Instead, this list provides you with easy access to view work by all of the artists who have been featured on Transpositions.

Journals and Publications: This list provides, as comprehensively as possible, links to journals and publications that feature articles on the relationship between Christianity and the arts.  As scholarly interest in the relationship between Christianity and the arts continues to increase, we have witnessed the appearance of a number of journals and other publications, which exist to promote this research.

Organisations and Institutions: This list connects our readers to many organisations and institutions that support and promote interest in the relationship between Christianity and the arts.  While Tranpositions attempts to represent the breadth of interest in the relationship between Christianity and the arts, many of these organisations and institutions are more specialized.  If you have very specific interests (e.g. Christianity in the visual arts, Christians working in theatre, etc.), this may be a valuable list for you.

Theology and the Arts Blogs: This is a list of other journals and blogs about the relationship between Christianity and the arts.  Because many hands make light work, this list raises awareness about our fellow laborers in the field.

Tidbits: Transpositions Tidbits is a periodic attempt to scour the internet for information and links about a particular topic.  For example, you will find Tidbits about Theology and FilmDomestic Arts, and Aesthetics and the Church.