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Hi Folks!  Well, we just finished our symposium on the commercial arts, and I thought that I would take this opportunity to remind our readers that all of our symposia (the posts and the conversations they generate) are available and easily accessible under the ‘Symposium’ tab on our main menu.  Especially if you are new to Transpositions please have a look at some of our older symposia.  I think you will find some really great stuff in there!  Here are links to our past symposia:

We often invite guest contributors to weigh in on the particular theme of the symposium.  This allows Transpositions to offer content that far outstretches the capabilities and knowledge of its regular contributors.  We at Transpositions are grateful for the time that our guest contributors take to craft such excellent posts.  If you would be interested in writing a post for Transpositions, check out our guidelines and contact us at  We don’t expect very long posts, so why not send us some writing?

Our next symposium will be on the relationship between the arts, education and Christianity.  I (for one) am very excited about this topic, and I am even more excited about the excellent group of contributors for the week.  I won’t be naming any names yet, though.  You will have to wait until the week of August 8th when our next symposium begins!


  • Jim Watkins is the assistant editor and a regular contributor at Transpositions. Originally, Jim is from southern California and southeastern Texas, but sometimes he feels most at home in the landscape and coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest. He met his wife Emily at Wheaton College in Illinois, where he studied Studio Art (concentration in painting). For his PhD research, he is examining the relationship between divine and human creativity from the perspective of divine kenosis.

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