Conference Announcement: Images, Icons & Idols

Whitworth Hall, University of ManchesterThe Society for the Study of Theology Postgraduate Conference
Images, Icons & Idols
9-10 January 2015, University of Manchester

This conference seeks to explore the interconnection of images, iconographic and idolatrous. The body of Christ is a classic theme in the history of Christian art, and is also endemic in popular culture. In television, film and advertising images of the body transgress the boundaries of the sacred and the profane. As well as the dissemination of these images, discussions may focus on the ways in which these images are received, enacted, and appropriated.

In 21st century societies, we are subject to a variety of images drawn from a range of religious and theological traditions. Other contributions could involve avatars, various incarnations of the divine and reflections on the nature of the (human) self.

The crossover between theological anthropology and visual theologies invites discussion about how we preserve, or indeed fail to preserve, that which we are imaging. When, if at all, does iconography become idolatrous? (How) should we shape and create our own images? How do images change over time?

Responses to these questions can address theological iconography, including the visual arts, but may also make a constructive (and/or critical) engagement with popular culture. Images of humans, nonhumans and gods abound in visual media, and each of these can be questioned in terms of shaping, making, and breaking images.

A full call for papers, and further information about the event, can be found on the website.


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