Poetry: The Grammar of Becoming

The Grammar of Becoming

     Alone –
I become:
I (am)
Only as I am You
to another.
I am not
     You exist;
     Therefore, I am –
A subject
as Your predicate.
The object of Your gaze, directly.
You speak Me into
     You spoken evokes Me.

This, the grammar of becoming:
Objectification –
(Is not dehumanization) –
Is identification.
It is precisely here where
     We become
     Human –
Here where eyes meet eyes,
I meet another I:
You –
Meet Me.
I am
because You are You because
I am
because We exists.

      We exist.

     At last.
     At last.


Gladness, gift, communion.
Only as two,
     we become: One –
Present, Active, Agent, Voice.
I will.
I do.
Only here,
Are We.
Insofar as: us –
Can We be-
     OneSelf as anOther.



  • Kevin Antlitz received his M.Div. and his Th.M. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, MA, while also completing coursework at Harvard Divinity School and Boston College. He is currently working on his PhD in Systematic Theology at Durham University. His research explores how modern Anglican theologies of the Eucharist might developed by attention to theodrama. He currently serves as a pastor at an Anglican church in Washington, D.C. Prior to this post, Kevin was a chaplain at Princeton University for five years and taught at Gordon College as an adjunct professor.

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