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Over the last couple of months we’ve occasionally shared information about retreats or summer schools that might be of interest in 2011, like this one in Devon and this one in Vancouver.

David O. Taylor (his edited collection For the Beauty of the Church was the subject of our first week long book review here on Transpositions) will be leading a retreat for those who minister to artists (or at least for those who sense a call to shepherd artists in some capacity). The retreat will run May 26-29, 2011, (Thursday through Sunday), at the Laity Lodge (in Texas). This retreat will gather together a  great bunch of folks who feel called to shepherd artists and who want to grow in the skill required to shepherd them well.

Who should go?
If you sense a strong desire to care for artists, to seek their well-being, to help them grow in the knowledge of the Triune God, to aid the work of integration in their lives, to mentor their fledgling efforts and to do whatever you can to help them flourish in their respective callings and occupations, then you’re a good candidate for this retreat.

You may work in the context of the church, officially or unofficially, or in a para-church setting, or in an educational institution or in a professional society, or you may be a floater who feels called to be in the lives of artists whenever, however and wherever the Spirit leads. This retreat is for you.

You may have decades of experience or you may just be starting out in this work. This retreat is for you.

David has posted a few updates about the retreat: here and here. To register for the retreat itself, people can go hereHere is the info about one of the speakers, Frederica Mathewes-Green, while this is the notice about the featured musician, Brooke Waggoner.


  • Anna M. Blanch is a regular contributor to Transpositions. She is Australian by birth, and inclination, Anna grew up surrounded by the Australian bush, a large extended family, bush poetry, and sport. Anna is currently writing her PhD in Theology and Literature. She finds photography, enjoying her environment and its fruits, and being in community bring her joy.

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  1. says: pcNielsen

    I really should go to this some year. The first year might have been best (was still living in Arkansas, a lot closer to Laity Lodge than I am now), but didn’t have the time or money or something. Really need to meet David.

  2. says: David Taylor

    Anna, thank you kindly for this notice. Do appreciate it. And while I realize the travel price is prohibitive for folks across the Pond, I do hope it might inspire some to plan a similar type of retreat in their own region or, quite possibly, to save up their pennies to someday visit one of the most beautiful nooks in the middle of nowhere in West Texas.

    By the way, I just had lunch with Julie Hamilton and your name happily popped up in our conversation.

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