Introducing the Domestic Arts Symposium

Next week, Transpositions will be hosting a symposium on the Domestic Arts.

Topics will range from domestic arts and place, woodworking, textiles, domesticity and worship, and baking and communion. We hope to explore the unique experience that the artists of the everyday bring to their varying crafts and the ways in which the domestic arts and the Divine intersect.

Too often the domestic arts have been overlooked in the dialogue of theology, aesthetics, and aesthetic practice. Being accustomed to them, as they fill our landscape and do not immediately invoke a sense of uniqueness, we at times forget that the common objects of our daily experience can be as deeply theological and revealing of Divine perspective as those objects and spaces, such as churches or icons, that we particularly ascribe such qualities to. It is our hope that in exploring what could be considered normal spaces in search of the sacred, we shall discover a sense of Presence and continual call to worship amidst the ordinary. The diverse voices of the writers for this series shall range in consideration of sacramental, symbolic, and iconographic engagement and shall paint a broad picture of engagement with the Divine in the domestic sphere.

The Symposium Ran:

Monday — Jennifer Allen Craft, Domestic Arts and a Sense of Place

Tuesday — Christina Gibson, Liturgy and Housework

Wednesday — Steve Schuler, Reclaim, Restore, Redeem

Friday —  Bethany Bear, To Feel Even as I Once Knew

Join us, next week, as we explore the role of domestic arts in the unfolding conversation of theology and aesthetics as a whole.


  • Preston Yancey earned his undergraduate degree in Great Texts of the Western Tradition with a focus in medieval monasticism, literature, and theology from Baylor University. He went on to complete his Master of Letters in Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews. His first book, Tables in the Wilderness:A Memoir of God Found, Lost, and Found Again, is due out with Zondervan September 2014.

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