In/break Exhibition


In/break, Transept’s 2021 exhibition is underway!  Watch for daily posts featuring works from artists across multiple genres.

The exhibition will run from 19 March to 2 April 2021.  Click on the links below to see the art and artists featured each day:


20 March 2021

21 March 2021

22 March 2021

23 March 2021

24 March 2021

25 March 2021

26 March 2021

27 March 2021

28 March 2021

29 March 2021

30 March 2021

31 March 2021

1 April 2021

2 April 2021  (Good Friday)



Transept is a group of artists and theologians connected to ITIA (The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts) at the University of St Andrews exploring the intersection of theology and the arts, where theory meets practice.


About In/break:
After a year of confinement and restriction, the spring 2021 exhibition will explore themes related to in/break — “a breaking in: inroad, invasion, incursion.” This kind of breaking is both creative and destructive: a shattering of expectations and limitations, a crack in the prison wall, an interruption to a deadly cycle, an intrusion of hope. Throughout the exhibition, we will curate and share fresh works of art that include visual, literary, theatrical, and musical offerings, as well as other innovative, hybridised art forms developed especially for the digital space. Don’t miss out!  See our schedule of live events including performances and opportunities to hear from St Andrews theologians and artists.
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  • Karen is finishing a PhD program in the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts after careers in corporate management, consulting, and pastoral and theatre ministry. She explores theological and theatrical contexts of ’empty space’ and general human disposition toward it, with emphasis on improvisation (specifically Playback Theatre) and Holy Saturday. Since 2017, Karen has led or advised ITIA’s Transept group, a postgraduate-led group of multidisciplinary practicing artists. Karen was an editor for Transpositions from 2017 to 2022. As Editor-in-Chief, she fostered a closer partnership between Transpositions and Transept, hosted the In/break exhibition on the Transpositions site, and introduced regular series into the publishing schedule.