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In the next event, The Forum* is departing from its typical format by hosting a musical performance.  Singer and songwriter Miriam Jones will be performing in Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews on 15 February from 7:30-9 pm. Her music has been described this way: “Miriam Jones has a way of singing the soul back home without putting it to sleep. Poppy and memorable? Yes. Soulful and reflective? Indeed. Folky and human? Absolutely.  Jones has a particular gift of writing earth and angels side by side, and a voice suited to sounding them so.”  Miriam has recently released her third album titled Fire-Lives.  A Canadian by birth, Miriam currently lives in Oxford and she is a regular at the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham.  You can listed to Miriam’s music here:

Miriam’s performance will be followed by a conversation with the artist.  Miriam will reflect upon the role that her religious faith plays in the making of her music.  We hope to provide a space for discussions and questions regarding the nature of human artistry and art, and its relationship to God and spiritual practices.

Admission is free, refreshments are provided and all are welcome!

*The Forum is an experiment in doing public theology.  It is a series of free, public events.  Each event begins with a presentation that explores the interesting theological questions raised by a cultural artifact.  The presentation is followed by time for formal discussion and informal mingling.  Each presentation is intended to be accessible and relevant to a large public audience.  The organizers hope that The Forum will provide a public space in which people can discuss questions about God and human existence.


  • Sara Schumacher is the editor and a regular contributor to Transpositions. Prior to life in academia, Sara worked as a graphic designer in Oxford where her experience as an artist and a Christian raised many questions, ultimately leading her to pursue further study in theology and the arts at St Andrews. Sara holds a B.S. in Graphic Design and an A.A. in Cross-Cultural Services from John Brown University and has recently completed an M.Litt in Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Andrews. She is currently working on a PhD at St Andrews, focusing on church patronage of the arts.

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      Thanks for stopping by Transpositions! We used a WordPress theme that was already developed so did little development of our own. Check out for more info.

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