Books: A Poem by Timothy E.G. Bartel

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There is a feeling      just before you read
the next book       that will fill a blank
in your thoughts, or form       the formless,
wherever it is       in you: a sense that
your ignorance knows     it is mortal. It
pins your mind       to the moment, says,

“I am the patient       before the doctor’s
news. I am the will       before it is forced
to choose. You will not       ever be
as you are again.”       Take your time. It’s fine.
Books are patient with       those about to lose.


From Arroyos: Sijo and Other Poems, Edinburgh: Mariscat, 2015.


Timothy E.G. Bartel is Asistant Professor of Literature at Houston Baptist University. His poems have recently appeared in Christianity and Literature, Saint Katherine Review, Relief, and The Other Journal. His most recent collection of poems, Arroyos: Sijo and Other Poems, is to be published this Spring by Mariscat Press.  

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