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This Tidbits is partly organised thematically offering links and resources on the topics of “The place of the artist,” Food and Theology, and the Church and Social Media. But that’s not all. Before we dive into links on those topics, we’ve got a few other links to share –

  • David O. Taylor, author of the book Beauty for the Church that elicited a week of in-depth reviews from Transpositions, has begun a new series of posts about the Landscape of Church & Art in the US (and to some extent internationally) and the questions at hand. Here is his Prologue to the series.
  • Bruce Herman, who we’ve previously Featured on Transpositions, has a new website.
  • Cardiphonia, based in Raleigh, NC, has put together an full songbook of hymns based on the Apostles Creed with the assistance of a large group of musicians and sound technicians.  Musicians had 2 weeks to write and record an original tune to a “collection of fairly arcane hymns” written by Samuel Stone for each article of the Apostles Creed. These hymns are now freely available. The artwork for the project is also work taking a look at for its own merit.
  • One of the writers on the Cardiphonia project, Brian Moss, has a site called the PrayerBook Project that he describes as an experiment in music and prayer.
  • If you ever need songs to help you learn the Westminster Shorter Catechism, then Reformed Music has what you’re looking for with a series of song books covering 107 questions.
  • Poet, and regular commenter on Transpositions, Chris Beal shares his Australian landscape infused poetry on his website.
  • Emily Watkins thinks about liturgy – “the order given to worship and the observance of traditions when a community of faith gathers” – and writes about creating an environment where the rhythms of home are liturgical. We’ve been fortunate to have Emily guest post here in the past with her piece on the importance of play.

“The Christian artist needs to interact in community because of what he will bring out in others and what they will bring out in him.” – Tim Keller.

We’re always on the look out for anything related to Theology, Imagination and the Arts. Do you have a blog, website, article or organisation that you think we should include in a future Tidbits? Just send us an email (see contact page above) and let us know!


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