Theatrical Theology Conference – Registration Closes 1 August!

We interrupt our Transpositions break to remind you that the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts’ upcoming conference, Theatrical Theology: Conversations on Performing the Faith, will be taking place at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, 15-17 August, 2012. Registration is open for another 12 days, so register now in order to secure your place.

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The major events of the conference schedule are below:

Wednesday, 15 August

2:00-3:30: SHANNON CRAIGO-SNELL (Louisville Seminary), ‘In Praise of Empty Churches’

4:00-5:30: IVAN KHOVACS (Canterbury Christ Church), ‘Theatrical Action, Character Play and the Drama of Gethsemane’

7:30-9:00: DAVID BROWN (St Andrews), ‘The Potential of Theatre for Insight and Revelation’

Thursday, 16 August

9:00-10:30: TIMOTHY GORRINGE (Exeter), ‘Revisiting God’s Theatre: The Limits of a Metaphor’

11:00-12:30: GEORGE PATTISON (Oxford), ‘Play It Again – Kierkegaard’s Repetition as Philosophy and Drama’

2:00-3:30: Short Paper Sessions (see programme below for more details on the 21 short papers available)

4:00-5:30: Short Paper Sessions (see programme below for more details on the 20 short papers available)

7:30-9:00: PERFORMANCE: Keith Bunin’s The World Over, from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Buchanan Theatre

9:00: Wine Reception, St Mary’s College Senior Common Room

Friday, 17 August

9:30-11:00: JIM FODOR (Bonaventure), ‘Rehearsal Time: The Play of Christian Life’

11:30-1:00: DAVID CUNNINGHAM (Hope College), ‘”And That’s True Too”: Revelation, Drama, and the Shape of Christian Ethics’

1:00-3:00: Farewell Buffet Lunch

You can download a PDF copy of the full conference programme here.

We hope you can join us for Theatrical Theology at St Andrews next month! Registration closes 1st August, so register now to secure your place. We’ll see you there!

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