The Doorbell that Rings the Middle East – Ronit Joy Holtz









The Doorbell that Rings the Middle East (2019)



Zaatar, Dead Sea Salt, Kiddush Cup, Light Socket, Teeth, Door Knob, Soil, Collage, Enamel, Acrylic, Spray Paint and Ink on Panel.



The Doorbell that Rings the Middle East is a 152 x 102 cm painting created to act as a bridge between Christianity and Judaism, to connect commonalities of both religions through the figure of Jesus and the symbols of the New Testament. Symbols include a Kiddush cup that’s upside down to also serve as a church bell. The painting is infused with soil, spices and dead sea salt from Israel. Overall, the frame of the painting is a door that relates to scripture where Jesus says, ‘I am the door’.




Ronit Joy Holtz (b. 1997, United States) is a painter and an installation artist from Kadima, Israel. She completed a B.F.A in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the spring of 2019. The past four years, Ronit’s work has appeared in private collections and has been featured in over 15 exhibitions throughout the US, the Middle East and Europe. She currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel as a permanent studio artist and art teacher, aspiring to become an Art Therapist.