transpositionssquareTranspositions organizes a variety of exciting online symposia throughout the year.  The purpose of these symposia is to dig deeply into a single topic or question by bringing together a group of experts to write on it.  Although our symposia often feature the writing of academic scholars or professional artists, Transpositions remains committed to bringing the hard work that they do to a wider audience in a way that is accessible, engaging and inspiring.

Our collection of symposia is one of the best resources that Transpositions has to offer.  Because of their brevity and style, symposia are excellent introductions.  At the same time, they are cutting edge because they reflect the current state of academic interest and research on a given topic.  Transpositions has held online symposia on such wide ranging topics as the ‘domestic arts’, ‘art, embodiment and the digital’, ‘Christianity and Star Trek’, ‘fantasy literature’, and ‘the life and legacy of Hans Rookmaaker.’

We invite you to explore our past symposia by clicking on the topics underneath the ‘symposia’ button.  You can find many of our past symposia within our archives (2010, 2011, and 2012).  If you would like to suggest that Transpositions organize a symposia on a particular topic, please send your suggestion to