Solace – Tim Mills













Terra cotta, gold leaf, golden powder, bird’s nest



The clay for this vessel was sourced by hand in northeastern Thailand during a tree-planting project on the grounds of a new international school. I collected raw clay found on site and brought it back to Bangkok to process and use in the studio. The broad, shallow bowl is covered with Japanese gold leaf purchased years ago at a pigment store in Tokyo and sprinkled with golden powder acquired in Bangkok. The bird’s nest was discovered in a tree near our home in the city. A prayer — O LORD, Our God, lead our weary souls to the peace that we yearn for — The lasting peace to be found in You alone. Break into our restless hearts and envelop us in Your presence — as a mother bird protects and nurtures her young. — Amen.



Tim Mills is a visual artist living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. Primarily working in clay, his practice employs various mediums and explores events, objects, and the lived experience through themes of memory, hope, and the passage of time.