Savioring the Unorthodox – Ronit Joy Holtz









Savioring the Unorthodox, (2019)



Prayer Shawl, 1,749 Bible pages, Crowned Heel, Kiddush cup, Shabbat Candle holders and the Tree of Life on canvas.



This 162 x 96 cm artwork is titled, Savioring the Unorthodox and is about a return to the Jewish origins of Jesus. The painting holds a Jewish prayer shawl that is draped over a piece of wood, alluding to the form of the crucifixion. In the middle of the painting there are two shabbat candles placed on the cover of a Bible. The book’s pages, (1,749 to be exact) are the raised black texture in the background. While playing with chance, black paint was poured over the pages and the only scripture that wasn’t covered, was ‘Father, with us seeing’. Then finally, the matza crackers on a plate serve as a sign of the Passover and symbol of Jesus’s body and blood.



Ronit Joy Holtz (b. 1997, United States) is a painter and an installation artist from Kadima, Israel. She completed a B.F.A in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the spring of 2019. The past four years, Ronit’s work has appeared in private collections and has been featured in over 15 exhibitions throughout the US, the Middle East and Europe. She currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel as a permanent studio artist and art teacher, aspiring to become an Art Therapist.



  • Karen entered the PhD program in the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts after careers in corporate management and consulting, followed by service in pastoral, social and theatre ministry. Under the supervision of Trevor Hart, she is exploring theological and theatrical contexts of ’empty space’ and general human disposition toward it, with emphasis on improvisation and Holy Saturday. Since 2017, Karen has led or advised ITIA’s Transept group, a postgraduate student-led group of multidisciplinary practicing artists. As Editor of Transpositions, she is fostering a closer partnership between Transpositions and Transept.