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Re: New (All)



Porcelain, beeswax, golden powder


The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the fault-lines of our fragile world and further exposed the stress fractures of our own hearts and minds. The altered state of a new ‘normal’ leads to divided families, friends, and communities. We are scattered fragments in need of repair, restoration, renewal. This broken porcelain platter was reassembled using beeswax mixed with golden powder — A temporal and symbolic restoration inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi  ‘golden joinery’ and yet still an impermanent solution — pointing us ahead in hope of the lasting and true renewal to come. A prayer — Jesus, Our good savior, You have promised to make all things new and we await that day. Help us speak Your words of hope to a fractured and hurting world. Fill the fissures of our wounded souls and communities with Your grace. — Amen.



Tim Mills is a visual artist living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. Primarily working in clay, his practice employs various mediums and explores events, objects, and the lived experience through themes of memory, hope, and the passage of time.