Poetry: The Grammar of Becoming

The Grammar of Becoming

     Alone –
I become:
I (am)
Only as I am You
to another.
I am not
     You exist;
     Therefore, I am –
A subject
as Your predicate.
The object of Your gaze, directly.
You speak Me into
     You spoken evokes Me.

This, the grammar of becoming:
Objectification –
(Is not dehumanization) –
Is identification.
It is precisely here where
     We become
     Human –
Here where eyes meet eyes,
I meet another I:
You –
Meet Me.
I am
because You are You because
I am
because We exists.

      We exist.

     At last.
     At last.


Gladness, gift, communion.
Only as two,
     we become: One –
Present, Active, Agent, Voice.
I will.
I do.
Only here,
Are We.
Insofar as: us –
Can We be-
     OneSelf as anOther.


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