Peony in Macro – Maya Victoria Clubine















Peony in Macro #1

Peony in Macro #2



Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper



I have used the rich, dusty medium of pastel to re-present petals of a peony — also known as the Pentecost Rose. Working in macro, the colours and shadows of the flower become obscured, causing the light between the petals to break through, as though from within the flower. For In/break, I chose to explore immanence in the transcendent light present and shining from within the material world.



Maya Victoria Clubine is a pastellist based in Montréal, Canada. She was trained at the Teneglia School of Art before studying English Literature at the University of Waterloo and Art History at Trinity College Dublin. Maya will be attending St. Andrews for her MLitt in Theology and the Arts this Fall.