Lilith – Karlee Lillywhite






Digitally coloured graphite drawings combined with text



‘Lilith’ is a digital illustration piece that combines text from George MacDonald’s novel Lilith with hand drawn, digitally coloured images. The long, vertical frame is meant to be meditatively scrolled through on a phone screen — a journey walked with one’s finger. The piece attempts to retell the pandemic narrative through the excerpts from Lilith and to offer viewers a chance to reflect on their stories through the dark, yet hopeful and enchanted lens that MacDonald’s novel offers. You can read more about the process behind this piece here.



Karlee Lillywhite is an illustrator who is passionate about the ability of images to illuminate words and ideas. She believes that together, words and images can guide us into more enchanted and embodied ways of seeing and being in the world. Ranging from murals and children’s book pictures to custom logos and editorial illustrations, her work is informed by history, literature and theology and often combines traditional mediums with digital techniques. As an MLitt student in St Andrews’ Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, she explores the devotional possibilities of illustration with emphasis on the visions of female mystics.



  • Karen entered the PhD program in the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts after careers in corporate management and consulting, followed by service in pastoral, social and theatre ministry. Under the supervision of Trevor Hart, she is exploring theological and theatrical contexts of ’empty space’ and general human disposition toward it, with emphasis on improvisation and Holy Saturday. Since 2017, Karen has led or advised ITIA’s Transept group, a postgraduate student-led group of multidisciplinary practicing artists. As Editor of Transpositions, she is fostering a closer partnership between Transpositions and Transept.

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