Like a Seed – Bethany J Melton








Like a Seed



Like A Seed  is a personal essay based on the parables Jesus told to describe his coming kingdom—his breaking in— using seeds, leaven, wheat, and mothers in labor. It draws out the slowness of these parables with stories from the artist’s own life, alongside the truth of what Tolkien called eucatastrophe— “a sudden and joyous turn.” Jesus comes again, and it will be eucatastrophic; but before the sprout, there’s the slow opening of the seed. 



Bethany J Melton writes from her home on a road called Edgewood, where she takes long walks, reads Wendell Berry novels, and tries to garden like Beatrix Potter. She journals on her blog about truth, hope, and home, and her work can also be found on Story Warren and The Rabbit Room.