King James Bible

Over the course of two weeks (September 5 – 19, 2011), marked the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.  We did this because of this translation’s legacy in the development of the literary and artistic imagination in the English-speaking world. The anniversary of the KJV also gives rise to questions about dialectic-specific translations, theology of communication and the artistic and imaginative handling of the Word as presented in and by this translation.

This is Transpositions’ first symposium on to a time-sensitive anniversary. In our own style, we’ve sought to approach this theme by seeking out a variety of artists, clergy, and writers who explore some of the ways in which the KJV can be understood in terms of theology, imagination and the arts.

Here is the schedule for this symposium:

Tuesday, September 6th: “Translators and Kings” by N.T. Wright.

Wednesday, September 7th: “Weaving the Word” by Carol Marples.

Thursday, September 8th: “Communication in the Vernacular” by Joanne Cox.

Friday, September 9th: “The Cotton Patch Gospel: Translation In and Out of Context” by Jenn Craft.

Monday, September 12th: “Reading the KJV and 9/11” by Greg Garrett.

Tuesday, September 13th: “Happy Anniversary, King James!” by Richard Littledale.

Wednesday, September 14th: “Violence, Lament, Redemption: A Composer’s Journey” by Carlos Colon.

Thursday, September 15th: “Variations on a Theme: a Book for All” by Anna Blanch.

Friday, September 16th: “Illuminating of the Word: Reflecting on the Four Holy Gospels Project” by Makoto Fujimura.