Introducing Arts Education Week

Starting Monday, Transpositions will devote a week to the topic of art and education. We are pleased to include contributions from a variety of perspectives that will help us wrestle with the way in which Christian theology intersects with the training of artists and education more generally. The posts for the week include:

Monday, 8 August: Looking Comes First by Bruce Herman. Bruce is an artist and educator, serving as Lothlorien Distinguished Chair in Fine Arts at Gordon College.

Tuesday, 9 August: Worth Celebrating: A Reflection from a Christian MFA Student by Traci R. Letellier. Traci is a poet and MFA candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas.

Wednesday, 10 August: Generosity of Spirit: A Perspective on Faith, Art and Teaching by Matthew Ballou. Matthew is an artist, writer, and teaches painting and drawing at the University of Missouri as an Assistant Teaching Professor.

Thursday, 11 August: Leith School of Art: A Visual Arts College with a Christian Foundation by Philip Archer. Philip has been Principal of Leith School of Art since 1991.

Friday, 12 August: The Importance of the Arts in Christian Higher Education by Dr Philip Ryken. Dr Ryken has been President of Wheaton College since 2010.

Please join us on Monday for what is sure to be a fascinating week of posts and discussion.

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