Featured Artist

transpositionssquareOn Transpositions, we regularly feature and comment upon the work of contemporary artists.  Over the years we have gathered a solid group of “featured artists” who work in a variety of media.  Although we consider all of our artists to be making excellent work, we are not seeking out simply the ‘best’ of the contemporary art world.  Instead, Transpositions is committed to finding excellent contemporary artists whose work evokes and explores religious sensibilities, questions and subject matter.

By featuring artists on Transpositions, we hope to accomplish at least 3 objectives:

  1. Raise awareness about contemporary artists working with religious themes and subjects.
  2. Engage in theological reflection upon the work of a contemporary artist.
  3. Encourage our readers to more fully engage with the contemporary art scene in their particular locale.

To view our featured artists, please select a category underneath the ‘featured artist’ button on the main menu.

If you have any questions about our featured artists, please email featuredaritst@transpositions.co.uk.  N.B.: we do not accept unsolicited recommendations for featured artists.