Continuing the Conversation

Last week the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews hosted a conference entitled “Theology, Aesthetics, and Culture: Conversations with the Work of David Brown.” As one of the conference participants, I can testify to the high quality of this gathering, with a myriad of stimulating conversations and thought-provoking presentations. But like all conferences, the time for interaction was short, and many of us left desiring to continue the conversations provoked by the plenary sessions and short paper presentations. As a result, we have decided to post a series of responses to the conference on Transpositions this week, attempting to do so in a way that will bring other readers of this blog into the conversations as well. So whether or not you attended the ITIA conference in St Andrews last week, we would be honored for you to interact with these responses and offer your own thoughts.

You will also notice that we have added another page on the header above for ITIA conference papers. Only a selection of papers have been posted at this point, but hopefully throughout the week we will be able to add more papers so that you can read them and benefit from the diverse wealth of research presented in these sessions. As indicated in that page, if you desire to contact or ask questions of any particular author, please feel free to indicate as much in the comments and we will attempt to put you in contact.

Without further ado, let the conversation continue…

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