Conscientia – Trey Martin





























Conscientia is a set of eight sonnets which together attempt to kaleidoscopically answer the questions ‘How can I know God?’ and ‘How do I know that I know?’ The title comes from a Latin noun which combines the preposition for ‘with’ with the word for ‘knowing’, reminding us that our knowledge of God must be and always is assisted by God himself. This collection is a fitting example of ‘in/break’ as it articulates the different ways that God epistemically breaks into our world, insistent on making himself known even to creatures such as us.



Trey Martin is a MLitt student at St Mary’s  College in the University of St Andrews and will be starting a PhD in Divinity this fall there as well. Trey hails from the southeastern United States, which has inspired his poetry with themes of discerning the true from the counterfeit, Creation’s particular imbued beauty, and a thirst for Resurrection. He is deeply indebted to poetry as a balance to his work in theology because it gives him a way to speak about the mysteries of life in an evocative rather than necessarily precise way.