Cardiphonia: Songs for Pentecost

Last fall Cardiphonia sponsored the first of what will be a series of song collections focused around gospel themes for congregational song.

This week they are releasing a second collection of songs for Pentecost Sunday.

The songs are drawn from a collection of hymns to the Holy Spirit by Charles Wesley and also a massive collection of hymns [Songs of the Spirit-PDF] for the Holy Spirit collected from every denomination and time period of the church. (introduction is well worth reading)

Over 25 songwriters took up the call to write and record an original tune.  Some of these were written years earlier and needed to be re-emphasized.  Most of these are brand new creations.  All of the artists were excited to explore what it would mean to sing in, to, and about the Holy Spirit…in their own worship and many with their own congregations.

The folks at Cardiphonia hopes that these songs will fill a need in all of our churches for a more robustly Trinitarian language in worship.  And Pentecost Sunday is a great and needed excuse to welcome the Holy Ghost more fruitfully into our prayers and songs.

At Transpositions, we are excited about this project!  And we are also pleased to be able to offer you a link to the full album of Pentecost songs.


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