C. S. Lewis Cambridge Companion

Transpositions hosted a week long chapter by chapter review of The Cambridge Companion to C. S. Lewis, edited by Robert MacSwain and Michael Ward.  Part of the Cambridge Companions to Religion series, this companion has twenty-one wide ranging essays grouped together under three aspects of Lewis’ career and his legacy:

  • Part I: Scholar
  • Part II: Thinker
  • Part II: Writer

The reviewers this week are as follows:

Sunday (8/5):Introduction” by Anna M Blanch. (Co-ordinator of the week long review of the Cambridge Companion to C. S. Lewis. A regular contributor to Transpositions and PhD candidate in ITIA at the University of St Andrews, Anna is writing her doctoral thesis on E.Nesbit, one of Lewis’s childhood authors of choice; she also wrote her honours thesis on myth and typology in The Chronicles of Narnia).

Monday (9/5): “C. S. Lewis: The Professional Scholar” by Steve Schuler (Assistant Professor of English at the University of Mobile, Alabama).

The chapters reviewed by Schuler include:

Tuesday (10/5): “C. S. Lewis: The Thinker” by Danny Gabelman. (PhD candidate in ITIA working on the fairytale levity of George MacDonald).

The Chapters Reviewed by Gabelman include:

Wednesday (11/5): “C. S. Lewis: On Love, Gender and Power” by Beth Tracey.  (PhD student in Hebrew Bible at the University of St. Andrews)

The chapters reviewed by Tracy include:

Thursday (12/5): “C. S. Lewis: Violence and Suffering” by Ryan Mullins. (PhD Student in Theology at the University of St Andrews)

The chapters reviewed by Mullins include:

Friday (13/5): “C. S. Lewis: Writer (Of Journeying and Heavenly Things)” by Travis. (PhD student in the Insitute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews. Travis is writing his doctoral thesis on C. S. Lewis.)

The chapers reveiwed by Buchanan include:

Saturday (14/5): “C. S. Lewis: Writer and Poet” by Anna M Blanch.

The chapters reviewed by Blanch include: