2012 Archive

In 2012, Transpositions hosted a number of exciting and original online symposia.  We considered topics, such as ‘Art and Monasticism’ and ‘Ar, Embodiment and the Digital,’ that opened new horizons to explore in the relationship between Christianity and the arts.  Although the former is reflective of an ancient tradition in the Christian church, both asked questions about the changing relationship between Christian and the arts in an increasingly digital world.  In the summer, we hosted our first ever ‘workshop.’  Over the course of three weeks, we published writing from clergy and lay professionals working in the church with the arts.  The ‘workshop’ — called ‘Art in the Church’ — raised questions, generated ideas and brought together a group with a common interest who might never have met in person.  However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Please see below our full symposia schedule for 2012: