An Advent Victory

[Editor’s Note: Over the next three days, as the anticipation of Advent transforms into Christmas joy, Transept artists offer literary gifts for reflection during this season of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.]


An Advent Victory


The dark-wood table holds a wreath

Of tired, twisted arms of pine,

Pierced with five holes and bleeding sap,

Cold and cheerless in a pit-mirk trap

And silent as the dead divine.


From soured mead-halls, twisted songs,

And battlefields long dead in mist,

A will o’wisp comes shining forth

And claims that all still has some worth,

That candle flaming Hope has kissed.


From tired chaos, battered souls,

And whirling voids of tortured night,

A second tiny spark burns still,

Uncanny, quiet on its hill,

As Peace puts up a lonely fight.


From mournful stiffness, blasted strength,

And tragic falls in every stand,

A humble laugh ignites a spark

For a third light dancing in the dark

As Joy comes to shake the land.


From friends betrayed, from broken hearts,

And from the questioned worth of pain,

A bleeding candle burns once more,

The fourth to see the stable door

And claim that Love should rise again.


And from a dirty feeding trough

Comes one last light to guide the lost,

A carpenter is born and set

Into the center; Savior, yet

A baby, to complete the cross.


And tongues of flame shine on the wreath

That’s crossed by candles and a grin.

The world still toils on its way,

But the branches sacrificed today

Rejoice His victory again.

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