A Lenten Journey: He is Risen!


This is the final post of a collaborative series, A Lenten Journey: Poetic Reflections, featuring the poetry of Gerald St. Maur alongside the photography of Rev. Thomas Braur. 



His body spent and sealed from view,
the body politic
had had its way,
and to this day, for earthly gain,
will sacrifice the heart within.

But death transcends this mortal coil
and Jesus went whence He came,
in purity,
to speak the truth
to those who have ears,
and to those with eyes
to reveal the lessons of eternal love.

It was the greatest miracle ever wrought
to deny His body
any earthly claim
and bring His promise
of everlasting life to all.

No tomb could ever hold him fast.
But through its open mouth
came the fateful discovery : of Him,
a shroud discarded; of us,
a mantle of shame.

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