A Few New Features

WordPress keeps updates flowing, so there are two new ways to let us know that you like our posts. One way (if you have a Twitter account) is to click the Tweet button at the bottom of the post. In order to see this button, you actually have to open the individual post by clicking on the title or the comments.

Another way (if you have a WordPress account) is to click on the Like button just above the comments when you are reading a particular post and you will be added as someone who likes the post. Both of these methods are helpful because it lets us know what readers find interesting and what subjects are most popular. So feel free to Tweet or Like or just leave a comment to let us know!

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  • Anna says:

    And if you click that you like a post it puts a tiny little picture of you (if you have ‘avatar’ that is) underneath it. Isn’t that grand! (It does also mean i managed to like my own post – the one about profile pics and avatars…which is somewhat ironic – i’m not arrogant i promise, just fiddling…)

  • Josef Gulka says:

    Only recently come to the Transpositions site… I am enormously pleased with the conversations they initiate and have come to eagerly await each continuing offering.

  • Wes says:

    Glad to see that you stopped by, Josef. You are very welcome and please feel free to contribute to the conversations whenever you desire.

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